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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Mister Party Decor

With the Little Mister Party Edibles, you got a "taste" (ha!) of what was to come.  And I'm so excited to show you the fruits of our party planning mayhem.  I started out knowing that I wanted to incorporate the colors orange and turquoise into the festivities and I combed the blogosphere for inspiration.  I was not to come out of it disappointed and hopefully neither would Little Mister!

With big orange balloons to locate the house, my fabulous niece and cousins drew a sidewalk chalk welcome for the guests to the backyard where the party was held.  It blew us away!
Little Mister's tee comes from Rock River Tees
The pinwheels are from Paper Polaroid.
The stripey straws are from Cupcake Social I was inspired by the BABYmania Beatles-themed birthday party and the great tablecloths and balloons!  For the centerpieces, I got some white pots from Ikea and filled them with potted plants and a pinwheel.  I also had some framed pictures of Little Mister from each month scattered about.  It was amazing how much he had changed. 

We couldn't do without shade and the umbrellas were a lifesaver.  Tissue pom poms from Pretty Decor and More added just the right amount of festive flair!

Over the porch hung a fabric garland that I made based off the tutorial found on Purl Soho.  Matt and I meticulously cut each piece of fabric over a few weeks.  I love it.  It's still hanging up today as a reminder of the fun times!
For the kiddos, there were bubbles, ball pit balls, and a photo booth.  The favors were little orange moose (mooses?) from Ikea. 

See that sweet little one in the orange dress in the bottom right corner in the pictures above?  My good friend, Laurie, over at All Things B made the frock!  I love the mix of fabrics she used. 
I made the fabric cake bunting using the same fabric that was on the garland.
The plate for which Little Mister got to enjoy his first slice of cake came from Aedriel Originals.
Everyone migrated to what little shade we had in the yard and watched the kiddos play.  It was sublime chaos.  I loved every minute of it!

 It was a memorable day with gorgeous pictures (thanks again Pixie Dust Photography!)  I'm so glad he'll have this to look back on someday and I can't wait to start planning for next year!  Did someone say petting zoo?

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