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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since I left my parents' home about 16 years ago, it's been a useful storage space for a lot of my odds and ends:  Yearbooks, homecoming mums, wedding dress, etc.  Where else would I keep these memories, right?  So I moved around a lot and never really stayed in spacious accommodations (we still don't).  Our most ambitious move yet was when we were given two weeks to pack up our lives and move to Connecticut.  With our tight budget, it meant we had to fit our whole lives and two dogs in a 5x8 U-haul trailer hitched up to the back of the car (the dogs got to ride in the car - what kind of mom do you think I am?!).  Needless to say, we made it but it meant a lot had to be left behind.  That is where our dear parents fit in.  We have bins of stuff at my parents' house and my husband's parents.  And given that the move to CT was almost 10 years ago, I must admit, I don't exactly remember what we might have left behind in their care.  We are slowly bringing stuff back to our current place but it's hard both emotionally and spatially.  Our guest room/office space has turned back into the courtesy junk room.  Sorry, future visitors!  Have you met our couch? 

My parents are doing some serious redecorating and the house I grew up in deserves the love it's getting right now.  There was a room in particular that I have many fond memories that is just off my parents' bedroom.  It was meant to be a greenhouse/sitting room but instead it became my playroom (yes, I was THAT spoiled).  My cousins and I would throw open the heavy curtains and pretend we were on stage.  Have I mentioned I  was am also a diva? 

Anyway, back to the subject of my post.  Thankfully, my mom kept a few toys from my childhood in this playroom and my wonderful aunt and cousin found some hidden treasures that I could not WAIT to share with Little Mister.

First off is the original Fisher Price Record Player with all 5 records!   I played with this so much when I was younger and frankly, I'm surprised that I didn't lose any records.  It's not in mint condition by any means so my intent is not to sell it.  Little Mister really likes to play with it and after 30 years, I think it might be able to handle him...hopefully...cross your fingers with me, please!

Second is the Fisher Price Musical Chime Push Toy.  Again, it's been really loved but now that Little Mister is taking off on two feet instead of on hands and knees, this has been quite entertaining for him.

And finally, third is the Tomy Typewriter.  Ooooh, you say?  What's that ancient contraption?  This little guy really paid its dues.

Ok, so I might have just shown you a bunch of junk and you might be thinking,  "Um, Michelle - that probably belongs in the dump" but it's my childhood junk and with supervision (just in case), Little Mister is having fun with them and I'm having fun sharing them with him.  Have you seen Toy Story 3??  (sniff sniff) Yeah, that's what I thought.

Do you have any toys that you still have from your childhood?

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