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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Mister's Birthday Party Invites

Little Mister is turning one tomorrow and although he is already a spitfire that we can barely contain, his birthday is making me especially nostalgic and excited at the same time.  Matt and I went through so much to have him. We finally came to a point in our lives where we were ready to have kids and we came to find out that we couldn't.  Those days, months, and years were the emotional roller coasters that you only hear about but never think you'd ever have to experience firsthand.  But I will save that story for another time.  We thank our lucky stars every night for our little miracle.  

For now, I have to share this with you:

I took inspiration from several sources including Design Aglow and Liv's One Year Old in a Flash Birthday Party to create this invite for Little Mister's birthday. I'll be posting details and photos from the party soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Architette Studios said...

Everything was amazing!! :D

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