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Monday, May 23, 2011

Garage of Good

I think this might be my new favorite San Antonio event.  Beautiful, spring (albeit humid) Texas morning?  Check!  Happy giggly Little Mister?  Why not?  Discount boutique shopping at the Pearl Brewery?  Count me in!

Welcome to the Garage of Good where I will wander into the foray of deep discounts and fashionable steals.  It's not just the shopping that is appealing, no way.  The nearly 40 vendors range from high end boutiques and vintage goods to independent artisans and vendors and a percentage of the proceeds go towards a local charity.  The event is held two or three times a year and although I haven't been able to attend in the past, I've been looking forward to this for a while.

As I'm always on the lookout for things for Little Mister, it is no surprise that I was immediately drawn to  these cute onsies and t-shirts from Adelle June by Jennifer June Martinson.  All the little wears are hand-dyed and patchwork sewn with care.  The creatures donning the outfits (particularly the monsters) kind of reminded me of the Little Mister during the sillier times.  Seriously cute and the colors were great - bright yet muted in an earthy tone.  Unfortunately, they didn't have anything in Little Mister's size but she gave me her business card and if you check out her website, she is also TLC's Homemade Millionaire Fashion Winner for her "Magic Dress."  How neat is that?  And she's local!  

There isn't a picture of the item that I coveted most of all - a vintage bar stool with orange (!) legs.  Why oh why did I pass it up?  Oh, I remember, I have limited space in our humble abode.  *sigh*   

Lucky us, it was also the weekly Farmer's Market at the Pearl.  We got there early enough to take in all the edible eye candy and beautiful produce.  Even without the sun shining, the colors just popped.  
We ended the morning with the tasty concoctions of Artisan Crepes.  Goodness, it was tasty.  We decided to go with the savory ham and emmental cheese with mesclun greens, tomato concasse, and aioli.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.  The crepes themselves were delicate and light with just a hint of sweetness.  The fillings for the other crepes were just as amazing.  The vegetable ingredients in particular are grown in their garden and they are conscious about composting their waste.  What also impressed me was how quickly and efficiently they were getting the crepes out to the hungry customers.  The whole process of creating each crepe was methodical and graceful at the same time.  While there is no real storefront at the moment, I think I may stalk them on their facebook page - I hope they don't mind. 
Until next time!

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