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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Can't All Concert Tickets Look Like This?

Look at what came in the mail the other day.

Holy moly, have you ever seen a concert ticket look so cool?  The whole concept of the Railroad Revival Tour is a complete throwback to a different era of music and how it is experienced by not only the concert-goer but the musicians themselves.  These guys are traveling by train and stopping in a few select cities all along the southwest.  We were fortunate to score tickets to the Austin show (although Marfa seemed tempting, I couldn't validate a 7 hour drive versus a 1 hour drive). 

The tickets have an air of authenticity and it really makes me look forward to the event.  My name is even on the tickets - how cool is that?   Matt's secretly jealous.  Little Mister won't be joining us, but don't feel too sorry for him - he has the Austin City Limits Music Festival to look forward to this September. 

On top of that, they released the very limited edition concert poster designed by Luca Zamoc available only to those who purchased the bundled ticket package.  

Man, I wish I shelled out the extra dough to get this print.

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