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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FIESTA! (Part 1)

It's Fiesta time here in San Antonio!  And while I normally pride myself on being "Texan," I must admit, I had never heard of the festival until we moved here.  My first impression were the house decorations the folks in my neighborhood started installing.  All the colorful and bright streamers and wreaths really became a welcome beacon of spring time.

And so, I delved a little deeper into the tradition.  I had no idea that it's been around since 1890 and getting bigger and more elaborate every year.  There is a Fiesta culture built around the city of San Antonio and giving back to the local community is the core of the festivities.  Of course, it's as good a time as any to enjoy good food, good drinking, and good company.  This website gives a really good overview of the history of Fiesta.

I don't want to fight the crowds too much with Little Mister in tow, so we try to stick to the relatively low key events.  Our first was the Fiesta Arts Fair at the Southwest School of Arts and Crafts. It featured a juried selection of artists from around the country on beautiful campus grounds.  I am seriously considering taking a class or two there.  Here is a view of the fair with Ricardo Legorreta's San Antonio Public Library in the background:

It was just a beautiful day.  

And although we left empty handed, I was especially drawn to the work of one artist by the name of Debra Smith.  The beautiful textures and subtle colors of the overlapped vintage kimono fabric were thoughtfully constructed into art that I wouldn't mind having in my home.

Our next event was The Alamo Heights Kings Party where Little Mister got to meet King Antonio LXXXIX Bill Mitchell

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