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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Texas BBQ - A Checklist

A new app came out on the iPhone called the Texas Monthly BBQ Finder.  Not only does it direct you to the nearest BBQ joint (just in case you have a mad craving for a brisket sandwich) but it also lists the top 50 in the state.  I firmly believe that if you live in Texas, it is a prerequisite that BBQ becomes a part of your diet.  Veggies?  Check.  Whole grains?  Check.  Pork Ribs?  Check.

Oh and forgive me, my vegetarian friends - I'm about to talk meat. 

We decided to take the Texas Monthly Top 50 challenge.  This is not an official event, but for us - eating might as well be a sport.  Our goal to is eventually hit every single BBQ joint on the list and space them out enough so we won't suffer from too much heartburn and weight gain.  It also ties in with our love for long road trips and visiting the far reaches of Texas that we've never seen. 

First stop:
While it wasn't the legendary City Market nearby (it was closed the day that we visited), this was a mighty good alternative.  

So much fun!  I prettied up the Texas Monthly list a bit to record our adventure.  We'll probably not hit every joint but this will be fun way to track it!


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