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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nap Mat - A Pinterest Inspired Project

You might have already guessed based on this post that I'm what you might call a Pinterest fiend. That's cool, I dig it. If I were to be called a "fiend" at all, I'm okay with being the Pinterest kind.

My boards are stock FULL of ideas and things to do but somehow I never manage to get around to them.  Figures, right?  Little Mister needed a nap mat for school and popular on the circuit these days coincidentally, is this handy dandy nap mat. Since necessity is the fuel for creativity, I counted on Pinterest to help me get the job done.

Image via Pinterest
Doable, yes?

I purchased the pillows from Ikea and some fabric from Fabricworm  and set to work with a few modifications here and there.

It's big and poofy and from what Little Mister's teachers tell me, he's quite comfortable at nap time. Plus, it's easy to wash when the weekend comes around.

That's what I call a success!!


Architette Studios said...

That is SO comfy that I want to sleep on it!! <3!

Michelle Stedman said...

thanks! it is pretty comfy, i must say :)

Marie D said...

what is the name of the fabric you used? trying to search for it on Fabricworm...

Michelle Stedman said...

Hi Marie! The fabric is by Lizzy House 1001 Peeps and it's called "Royal City Jinnee Orange." I did a quick google search and couldn't come up with it anywhere but maybe you might have better luck. Let me know!

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