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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sushi Persistence

Happy Halloween everyone!  Little Mister will not stand to wear any sort of hat or headpiece so all those cute costumes on Pottery Barn and Chasing Fireflies would not suffice.  I was even willing to suck it up and not come up with something clever and handmade.  But alas, given our dilemma and that he's about as stubborn as they come, I decided to make something anyway (I'm pretty stubborn, too).

I was inspired by this guy and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Except Little Mister wasn't.  This is how the dress rehearsal the night before went:

The struggle leading up to it was even more dramatic.  Let's just say both our hands were full.  I asked him again this morning if he wanted to wear his costume and I got a resounding, "NO."

I brought it to his school anyway just in case his teachers had more luck than I did.  Thankfully, they did and for the Halloween parade, he marched around like a champ and we won First Prize!


Architette Studios said...

I just adore it... and him... and you!! :)

Michelle Stedman said...

awww thanks Jen! the feelings are mutual!

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